Company history

Company founder: Wolfgang Schlegel


BERLIN – Wolfgang Schlegel was an amateur pilot and one day had the ambitious idea of creating a perfect product. He developed a rod end with integral self-aligning ball bearing, actuator rod and flight control rod for aviation.


Founding of the company SCHLEGEL Luftfahrtgeräte, Berlin by Wolfgang Schlegel
Products: heavy-duty rod ends with integrated self-aligning ball bearings, actuator rods and flight control rods for aviation


Founding of MOTRA Maschinenbau, Nagold by Wolfgang Schlegel
Products: Metal products for the automotive and mechanical engineering industries


Company renamed MOTA Maschinenbau GmbH
Products: motorcycle engines, mopeds, lightweight motorcycles and vices


Merger of the companies MOTA Maschinenbau GmbH and EUGEN METZGER to become METZGER & SCHLEGEL KG
Products: bicycle frames, mopeds, lightweight motorcycles and vices


Company renamed SCHLEGEL KG and relocated to Öhringen
Products: vices, clevises, angle joints, throttle control linkages, heavy-duty plain bearing and antifriction bearing rod ends


Hiving off of the SCHLEGEL vice production and founding of new company DURBAL GmbH & Co. KG
Products: heavy-duty sliding bearing and antifriction bearing rod ends to DIN specifications, special variants and linkages solutions


Certification of the group of companies to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000


Founding and introduction of the DURBAL BASIC Line


Certification in accordance with ISO 14001:2004 (environmental management)


Acquisition by the Nadella Group

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